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Wow! What a great response to the recent postings regarding the Continental Dollar Legal Tender [LINK].

The interest in obtaining the paper version has increased. From those that want to be licensed International Foreign Currency Exchangers [LINK], those that want to exchange their digital Continental Dollars in their GPEx account to the paper version of the Continental Dollar [LINK], and those that want to simply buy them.

First and foremost, we need producers who are willing to accept the Continental Dollar. This includes the good people in farming and agriculture that help maintain America’s breadbasket by providing clean, healthy, and organic food.

Producers may also include people that have innovative ideas, large or small; regarding products such as aquaponics, hydroponics, solar energy, wind power, free energy machines, 3-D printers for everything from small innovative inventions, to solutions in housing [LINK] [LINK] [LINK], and the list goes on.

You may have a project or product that can solve many of the problems we have today, and help further the development of America and its people.

We understand how challenging it is to get an audience to hear your proposals and even more challenging is applying and getting the funding [in a timely manner, if at all]. These grants may help you get these projects off the research and development phase and into the full-scale production phase.

Therefore, the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America, is currently offering this Grant Program.

Those that would like to be considered to receive these grants may begin by filling out the contact form below.

DON’T DELAY since the solution to the problem is one grant and product away from helping to further the development of America.







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